Backstage with Ballet Central – Merry Christmas!

To all avid readers, I hope you enjoyed the interview with Aisling – our next interview will be blogged in the new year. We have now finished for the term and for the past three months we have been rehearsing non-stop for the upcoming tour as well as doing photo shoots, preparing graduation solos and on top of that continuing to train to work up to auditioning for jobs in the new year once Ballet Central is over. It never stops! We wish you all a very happy and restful Christmas and a fabulous New Year.

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Backstage with Aisling

Ballet Central; Audition PhotosMay I welcome as our first blog interview 3rd Year student Aisling Brangan!


  1. How is Ballet Central going?

It’s going really well, thanks.  I love how you are treated like you are in a company in the final year compared to 1st and 2nd Year when you are in training.

2.    What pieces are you learning?

Stacey Haynes’ and Kenny Tindall’s.  Stacey’s is a fun and free, ‘lovin’ life’ jazz piece and Kenny is neo-classical with massive amounts of intention and purpose to every movement.

3.   What is your favourite piece and why?

It’s impossible to choose between the two because both explore different ways of dancing.  Stacey’s piece is to a Beyoncé track, very different but I love the freedom and energy compared to the classical training that we have been drilled in the past couple of years!  Kenny’s is all about challenging the perception of what classical dance is, pushing its boundaries, exploring a new way of dancing entirely. 

4.   What is it like working with different choreographers?

Both of them are really fun to work with – I enjoy the relaxed nature of Stacey’s piece and although she works us hard it is always fun to rehearse.  Kenny is great because you really start to understand that every movement has a purpose – no movement is just flung out, its got a resistance, an image, an idea, a process.  I have to say that at the beginning my muscles were agony – luckily I am now used to it!

5.   When did you start dancing?

I started when I was 5 years old, initially Irish dancing which I didn’t really like as it is quite restrictive.  But I eventually started ballet and built up from doing it once a week to doing it several times a week and then as people stopped dancing and I kept going, I started to think that maybe I want to continue doing it professionally.

6.   Who inspires you to dance?

I don’t think there is one particular person – I just enjoy what I do and try and get the most out of every day.

7.   What advice would you give to someone thinking about training?

You need to constantly remind yourself why you want to dance – remember what you get up in the morning for, remember why you are doing that ballet class every morning; reminding yourself that despite the aching muscles you know what you are eventually aiming for.  So if a particular day your turns were bad or you messed up an exercise, just keep remembering what your end goal is.

8.   What are you most looking forward at Ballet Central?

Just experiencing going on tour – setting up the theatre with the get-in and get-out and of course performing onstage.

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Welcome Ballet Central Fans!

Hello and welcome to Backstage With Ballet Central. Already, many of the pieces for the tour are well under way and shaping up to be memorable audience pleasers. This year we will be doing a range of interviews and articles with the students, choreographers, musicians and teachers exploring every avenue of Ballet Central 2013. I do hope you enjoy it…we would love to hear comments and feedback from the Ballet Central fans!

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Ballet Central revealed

Not sure what kind of show Ballet Central put on? Check out our new promo film to see the range of dance styles – from classical ballet and contemporary to jazz and narrative!

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First day back

Today the 30 members of the 2012 company came together for the first time. A mixture of new students and those who have come up through the school, this year’s group come, not only from the UK, but also Japan, Spain, Greece, France, Canada, Malta, Sweden and South Africa. Here they are in their first company class of the year!

Ballet Central's first class of the year


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