Backstage at Cambridge!

Backstage at Cambridge

May I welcome you to the blog about Ballet Central’s fourth performance of their tour in the wonderful city of Cambridge.  Enjoy!

10.15: Local café in Cambridge

The Get-in appeared to go very smoothly this morning. For those readers who don’t know, the Get-in is the process where the company set up the theatre ready for the performance (including the stage, lights, sound, costumes and front-of-house). One student noted ‘I am learning so much about what it takes to put on a performance’.  Once the Get-in was done, one of the best parts of touring is exploring the city you are performing in and the time between the get-in and class offers that opportunity.  Cambridge is best known for its University and is peppered with buildings dating as far back as 900AD mixed amongst the more modern shopping developments. Needless to say, the most important mission was to locate the nearest coffee shops, all of which were luckily within walking distance – success! The time went quickly and before long it was time to make our way back to the theatre. 

1pm: The stage, ADC Theatre

Company class with Bill Glassman was taken on stage at the ADC Theatre. The ADC is a lovely theatre located in the heart of Cambridge, we really enjoy being there as the theatre staff are so friendly. With the rousing music by Phillip Feeney, the company were ready and prepped for the dress rehearsal.

5.15pm: Auditorium, ADC Theatre

The rehearsal is finished! During the rehearsal one student seemed to turn her ankle but she carried on regardless and apart from an ice pack or two, she was fighting fit by the time the rehearsal was over.  As the final corrections were given, and the lights and sound tweaked, we found out that the performance was sold out! Yay!

7.15pm: Front-of-House and Backstage, ADC Theatre

The eager audience are starting to trickle in now and they seem very excited.  No one was more excited than a 6-year-old who had dressed up in a sparkly dress for the occasion! Programmes were bought in a flurry of interest and it was nice to have so many audience members coming up and declaring that this is their fourth or fifth time of seeing Ballet Central.  Backstage, the energy is high and mixed with slight nerves. Everyone was ready to perform – getting into the zone, focussing on what they needed to do for the evening.

8.30pm: Front-of-House, ADC Theatre

First half done – and this time the mood was jubilant both backstage and front of house.  The little girl declared to me that she wanted to be a ballet dancer and other audience members made their way to the students who were front-of-house and were effusive in their praise for the company. Backstage, wave after wave of students came off the stage saying that it was so far their best performance.  They are loving the responsive audience!

9.30pm: On the coach back to London

It was a flurry of activity backstage as costumes were taken off, organised, the stage floor rolled, the lights dismantled and the merchandise packed away.  The ADC theatre came alive tonight – the performance was a great success!


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